World Radio Day 2023: Authorities must relax regulations and policies to facilitate the self-sustainability of community radios.

Amnesty International Zimbabwe joins the rest of the world in commemorating World Radio
Day adopted by the United General Assembly in 2012. The commemoration comes at a
time when Zimbabwe has licensed 14 community radio stations. While acknowledging the
authorities’ efforts, the community radio stations’ sustainability remains a cause for
Speaking in a joint statement to mark World Radio Day 2023, Amnesty International
Zimbabwe’s Executive Director said,

“Whilst acknowledging the steps taken by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe to
license community radio initiatives, Amnesty International Zimbabwe is concerned with
the sustainability of the established stations. Authorities must ensure the long-term viability
of community media through supportive policies and strategies, including legal recognition, fair
access to spectrum and licensing, and sustainable sources of funding. Authorities must relax
regulations and policies to facilitate self-sustainability of community radios.”

As the world commemorates World Radio Day 2023 under the theme “Radio and peace,”
Amnesty International Zimbabwe reiterates that media plurality and diversity of ownership
are essential components of the rights to freedom of expression, information, and media


World Radio Day is an important day in the media sector as it has been set aside to
celebrate the use of radio as a source of information. Since 2015 Amnesty International
and its partners have been campaigning for the establishment of the BAZ Board and the
licensing of community radio initiatives. At that time, over 28 independent community
radio initiatives had been established but not licensed. In 2019 the Ministry of

Authorities must relax
regulations and policies to facilitate self-sustainability of community radios.”

Lucia Masuka, Amnesty International Zimbabwe Executive Director

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting established the BAZ Board and invited community
radio initiatives to apply for licenses. To date, a total of 14 community radio stations have
been licensed across the country. BAZ also issued broadcasting licenses to tertiary

This year’s theme is apt as Zimbabwe is heading for the harmonised elections and as such
community radios could play an important role in fostering peace among communities and
addressing challenges of misinformation and disinformation in Zimbabwe. As a widely
accessed medium, radio can offer platforms for peaceful discourses during pre- and post- election periods.
As we join other radio broadcasters in marking World Radio Day, Amnesty International
Zimbabwe calls upon authorities to provide financial and technical support that will enable
all the licensed Community Radio Stations to broadcast. We also urge communities to
participate and to take ownership of community radios as this support is crucial for their

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